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Our Founders


Mark M. Gutrich

Mark has worked on virtually all sides of the U.S. defined contribution retirement plan business, over the past thirty years. Most recently he co‐founded Fiduciary Holdings Limited, which provides investment consulting and advisory services to Profit Sharing/401(k) plans as a Fiduciary Adviser. Between 2014 – 2021, he was named to the prestigious “Top 100” list of U.S. Retirement Plan Advisers by Plan Adviser magazine four times. Prior to that, Mr. Gutrich had co‐founded an award‐winning cloud-based 401(k) recordkeeper and third‐party administrator (ePlan Services) that he successfully operated until it was acquired by Paychex in 2011. Mr. Gutrich has been a vanguard in the U.S. retirement plan space for decades and has consistently developed innovative solutions to make 401(k) plans more accessible to small businesses. Mr. Gutrich graduated from the University of Puget Sound and resides in Denver, Colorado.


Christopher M. Money

Chris has spent the past twenty years in the financial services industry, the majority of which has been leading high performing teams in the retirement services space. Most recently he co-led the Revenue team for a San Francisco-based fintech start-up, where he played an instrumental role in creating capacity for scale. During his tenure, he successfully led the build out of a national distribution model in the payroll and human capital management marketplace. Prior to that, Mr. Money had been in an executive leadership role at Paychex – where he was consistently recognized for being a top producer and rose through the ranks to become a senior leader - overseeing a 100+ employee sales organization. Over his career, his teams have been responsible for the creation of more than 25,000 small business 401(k) plans. Mr. Money graduated from Texas A&M University and resides in Houston, Texas.

Our History

Our founders' friendship began in 2011, after Chris' company (Paychex) acquired Mark's company (ePlan Services).  Chris had been a top performing sales rep and manager, when Mark became the Director of Retirement Advisory for Paychex Inc.

Often described as one of the forefathers of the "online 401k", Mark was one of the early pioneers in providing "bundled" online 401(k) plans to small businesses.  Chris had built a reputation for being a strong leader who was uniquely skilled at developing salespeople and building top producing sales teams.  Suffice it to say, the two quickly developed a mutual admiration for their respective skills and became trusted colleagues - as well as fast friends.

After Mark left Paychex to start another business, Chris continued to brandish his reputation by leading Paychex's 401k sales organization in the central U.S. When Chris left to join a well-heeled start-up in San Francisco, he was initially invigorated by the fresh start but challenged to confine his aspirations.  Fortunately, Chris & Mark stayed in contact over the years and continued to discuss their perspectives on how to "fix" the 401(k) business - until they finally resolved to do something about it.  As they believed they could do it together, they decided to start Prosper Retirement Partners.

Their combined depth of experience and leadership has already led to the creation of more than 35,000 small business 401k plans over their professional careers.  But, given the continued lack of retirement plan access among U.S. small businesses, there are an estimated 60 million people who don't have a workplace retirement savings program.  So, now they have teamed up to tackle the looming "retirement crisis" that has been steadily developing in America.

Our Vision

We strive to create an intuitive technology platform that makes "turn-key" workplace retirement savings plans accessible to every U.S. small business - and their employees.  By leveraging time-tested technologies to evolve the legacy processes required to administer a modern workplace retirement savings plan, we will deliver operational efficiencies that reduce the costs to establish and maintain such programs.  Finally, by aggregating retirement savings amongst thousands of small businesses (and millions of employees), we will democratize the vehicles used to invest their combined savings.  In short, we shall deliver solutions that allow ordinary working Americans to save for a more prosperous retirement.

Our Mission

We strive to significantly alleviate the retirement savings gap in America today, by empowering every working American to save for their own retirement.  We seek to become the provider of choice when companies decide to establish a workplace retirement savings plan for their employees.  We are committed to providing intuitive solutions that enable every small business owner and their employees to save for a more prosperous retirement!